Mound City, Missouri

Top Gun Lodge Squaw Creek NWR

Mound City Missouri

Rooms available with Full service bar/restaurant onsite 

Phone: 507-696-0208


Food: restaurant / bar onsite (not included)

Arranged by: Top Gun Guide Service

Download Driving Directions:

Other Info: Once you arrive in Mound City, call us and we'll make arrangements to meet you.



Devil's Lake, ND

Top Gun Devils Lake

4355 87th Ave NE
Devils Lake, ND 58301

Four 6 man cabins with a main lodge.  Cabins have full kitchens, grills, leather couches, flat screen tv's, internet, dog kennels, onsite laundry, lines, towels, bedding included.

Phone: 507-696-0208

Food: Onsite kitchens and outdoor grill

Arranged by: Top Gun Guide Service



Saskatchewan, Canada

Top Gun Quill Lakes Lodge

Two fully furnished Houses (sleeps 12) with internet, onsite laundry, kitchens, freezers, linens, bedding, maid service.

Also a fully furnished exclusive motel with 7 individual rooms and a main house attached (sleeps 14) . Each hunter has their own private bathroom and shower. (depending on group size)

Address: Quill Lake, SK, S0A3E0

Phone: 507-696-0208


Food: included

Arranged by: Top Gun Guide Service





Top Gun Oklahoma lodge

Fully furnished lodge with an rustic setting.  Sleeps 12. Onsite laundry, Linens, Kitchen, bedding, and maid service.

Address: 1 1/2 hours from Oklahoma City. A dropped pin or directions will be provided to this rural lodge.

Phone: 507-696-0208

Food: Onsite Kitchens Grill Spit 

Arranged by: TGGS