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A hunting adventure in the snow goose capital of the world

Story by T. Edward Nickens  -  Photographs & Video by Nathaniel Welch

Mound City Madness - Snow Goose Hunting - Goose Hunting

They’re hooked up, right over our boot tops, and I scrunch down in the layout blind until my view of the world narrows to a cherry-pie slice of the northeast Missouri sky, a wedge-shaped window veiled by the blind’s net screen. Two hundred snow geese hang high, drifting left and then right in a stiff headwind...[Read more]

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Stuttgart Hunting Video

Keck Outdoors & Top Gun Guide Services

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The Killing Fields (1200+ Snows in 10 days)Timbleweed Films


Hunting with Top Gun Guide Service in Saskatchewan. We had a camera running over the course of only 10 days as we killed over 1200 birds. Amazing to say the least.




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Snow Goose Hunting Northwest Missouri With Top Gun Guide Service

By Dan Wennerlind

Top Gun Guide Service - Snow Goose Hunting - Goose Hunting

Many spring snow goose hunters have taken the opportunity through the past 10 years to get out and experience the spring snow goose migration and most likely have even bagged a few of the white devils through one method or another. But not many hunters have actually...[Read more]

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