Missouri Duck Hunting
Missouri Snow Goose Hunting

Come and enjoy hunting big greenheads, pintails and every other duck in the central flyway along the refuge lines of Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge in NW Missouri. Here our hunters have the opportunity to hunt ducks in Missouri during the peak of the migration. This refuge is the next staging area for thousands of ducks and geese migrating through North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. It can stage anywhere from 200,000 mallards alone not including all of the other puddlers. 

You will also have an opportunity to shoot Snows, Specks, and Canadas depending on what time of the fall you book your duck hunt. We have several dry fields with field decoys and layout blinds. We also have duck lakes with flooded corn and steel pits.  We can accommodate up to 10 hunters daily with lodging included.  The best time to hunt is the last week of November through the first week of December.


Non-resident license $11 / day

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